The first thing which needs to be considered when undergoing any type of treatment is the protection it will offer during and after the treatment period. More specifically, you need to know what the main side effects are and how the actual product will influence your life in the long run. Herbal-H has been designed in such a way, not only to bring positive results in its area of interest (hair loss), but also to protect your skin from potential side effects while strengthening hair strands for healthy, good looking hair.

Herbal-H's herbal ingredients alongside minoxidil also aid in the overall health of your scalp. Pyridoxine is used for improving the overall appearance of your scalp and reducing associated conditions, such as dandruff and eczema. This will contribute significantly to having clean and healthy hair. Triethanolamine is another ingredient present in herbal minoxidil which contributes to a keeping the skin on your scalp healthy. This ingredient nourishes the skin and leaves it free from threatening substances which may cause skin damage.

Most people dealing with hair loss and using treatments containing traditional minoxidil will begin to see new hairs grow as thin and light baby-like hair and in some cases it does not even have the same color as the rest of your hair. This is why the use of pure minoxidil it will not be enough. While this substance is highly effective in hair regrowth, it can not offer you the hair you used to have. Herbal Minoxidil addresses this issue by including in its formula ingredients such as Polygonum Multiflorum meant strengthen the hair strands and promoting terminal hair to grow rather than producing thin baby-like hair known under the name of vellus hair. Polygonum Multiflorum is also highly efficient in restoring the hair color, so that there will be no difference in color or texture between your old type of hair and the one which was revived with Herbal-H's herbal minoxidil formula.

The multifaceted approach used by herbal minoxidil offers a complete solution for hair loss and hair and scalp protection. Try this revolutionary hair growth solution for 3 months and you can begin to see permanent and life-long results. When used for approx. 8 months, most men forget about the thin hair, dandruff and bald spots they once used to have!

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