The herbal minoxidil formula is one of the most advanced hair growing solutions in the world. It's high in hair growing vitamins & minerals and is highly effective in treating hair loss and promoting hair growth. With it's hair growing abilities, Herbal-H's herbal minoxidil has become popular by most hair loss sufferers. Scientific research suggests that many key ingredients found in the herbal minoxidil formula improve hair appearance, stop hair loss, & promote new hair to grow.

* Stops Hair Loss
* Regrows Hair & Increases Growth
* Grows Thicker Hair in Thinning Areas
* Revives Inoperative Hair Follicles
* Enhances Scalp Microcirculation
* Safe and Non-toxic
* Makes Hair Healthier
* Cleans Dirty Deposits
* Enlarges Sweat Gland & Hair Follicle Mechanism
* Eliminates Dandruff Completely
* Provides Nutrition To Your Scalp
* Replenishes G.I.

Herbal minoxidil formula has been developed under the close supervision of specialists, in a highly technical and bioengineering environment. Furthermore, only those herbs which have had great results in dealing with hair loss, hair and scalp care have been included in the herbal minoxidil formula. Panax ginseng, saw palmetto, Chinese angelica and Polygonum Multiflorum have been long used for treating hair and scalp problems with remarkable success. Their combination with probably the best hair growth substance, minoxidil, has resulted in a stronger formula which stops hair falling, revives and strengthens the hair follicle, stimulates hair growth, thickens the hair strands and offers protection while moisturizing the scalp.

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